XR600 in a NSR250 Frame

Have picked up this racing bike in this configuration, 1987 NSR250 Frame suspension, wheels, brakes, tank and fairings with a 1987 XR600 motor, has HC piston and some other goodies (cams), anyone else have this setup? :)

I don't have that set up but I did see a bike at a dealer a month or so ago that looked like a cafe racer or some sort of road race/street bike that had what looked like a xr600 motor in it. The bike looked to be very light and i am assuming it was pretty fast.

Pics pleeeeeze. :)

Will pick up the bike in two weeks, will post some pics then, was talking to a Honda Dealer about the XR600, he said that the new 600's have 50% more HP and much lighter, so there could be trip around the bike dismantlers to find a newer engine if the existing is not up to scratch. :)

track bike I have a NSR 250 with a 01 XR650L motor in it. Quite fun on the track. Geared for about 110. Motor is almost new.

I see it has a headlight but no turn signals. Is it street legal?

I thought the NSR was a new bike! how hard is it to find an old one, are they a lot cheaper than new ones? I think this is awesome.

Very Cool!

Thats an awesome looking bike, very similiar to mine :)

I see it has a headlight but no turn signals. Is it street legal?

Working on it

Yah, I have one, doesn't everybody? Just kidding, have fun you guys.

The NSR is a hard to find grey bike, even harder to find one with a clear title as they were never exported out of Japan and they have 11 digit VIN's. I have a 1990 MC21 SP that curently sports some 92 Rothmans rep bodywork...I will never sell this bike!!! I LOVE IT, have had it over 5 years now, they are the coolest things in the world, and they were the best of the two stroke race reps....I know some people like to put diesles in them but I would never do it...I have however seen a guy with a CRF450R engine in a RS125...I also have an RS125...wonder if you could shoehorn in a 650R engine...

Honda sells them in the US now dont they?

Honda sells them in the US now dont they?

The NSR?? No, the last ones were made in 96 or so...Honda sold them thru 2000 as 97 models I believe, or something like that until they ran out (those were MC28's) and then I think Jha bought all the remaining ones Honda had. The laws changed in Japan in the late 90's and emissions laws became really strict so the 2 strokes were killed....really sad, the 97's I think were pretty much the end with Suzuki making there ultra trick 70 degree electric start v-twin 2 stroke RGV...likewise Yamaha quit producing the TZR.

You can still get RS250's, but they are a different animal, and I think Honda even quit making them in 2002...I heard Rising Sun Cycles back east still has one new one left...for a cool $22,000 or so.....

I just looked on Honda's site, its the NSR50R I was thinking of. I knew I saw one at a Honda booth at a show. Anyone know about this bike, is it the same as the ones on this thread with a smaller motor?

not at all. the NSR50 is a mini racer.


Take a look at the post dates.


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