05 wr 450 Mods

I have been a 2 stroke guy until my recent purchase of an 05 wr450. I am slightly disappointed of the performance. I understand that their are some mods I can do to increase performance. I am also looking for a street legal kit. Any thoughts/tips???

I know where you are coming from-I to was a 2 stroker and have found the bike disapointing. Im mid process of doin the fixes. IVE ALREADY OPENED THE BOX, JUST BOUGHT A PIPE and jetting kit so hopefully that will help. Putting it all on the weekend, I;ll let you know. Plenty of people here in the sam eboat

Do a search for mods, everything you need is right here. I came from 2stroke and its been a good experience with my WR. The linear power is more controllable and not so in-your-face.

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