XR650R or XR650L ??

I find that as Jay said - being a conservative rider - trails etc - the L in stock form is very good. It does have a tall feel that takes some getting used to, but power is in abundance (even stock lean condition) They do move around a bit in the wind on the road as he said - but manageable - even at 60MPH. In the future I will go to the Dunlop's - when the OEM ones wear out and a good chain. Only other mods I have done are mild ones. Baja Designs skid plate, Acerbis fork and disc brake gaurd, Smog removed, Uni Foam Filter. Runs strong! almost 800 miles on it :-)

I'll vouge for the L. I have an 04 that is basically stock except for the air filter, handlebars, jetting and gearing. It's been a great bike, never a problem. I've have it from MX track and single track to the road. After 150 tanks of gas, 3 sets of front pads, second front tire, ready for the fourth rear, second spark plug it still entices smiles. :applause:

This is my first post and this is an old thread so who knows if anyone will read it. :banghead:

I just got a 2006 XR650L and now have 450 miles on it.

I took it for a 40 mile off road adventure a week a go an the bike did better than me. I live in the desert so the trails were mostly hard dirt or loose sand. The loose sand scared the crap out of me at first. I think I just need more experience and a meater rear tire. I had no problem keeping up with or taking the lead with my friend that has a DRZ-400S. The suspension ate up everything I rode over. It was quite a blast.

Complaints so far:

Second gear is too tall. I can wind out to 55mph in second. Im going to try a 14tooth front sprocket.

My friends YZ426 can take me in a straight out race. Off the line I jump a head due to tall first and second gears, but then he takes me at about 40mph up till his top speed.

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