Jetting for dual carbs

On my 87 with dual carbs, I was wondering what jetting you guys would recommend. Engine is stock, K&N filter, no top on air box, FMF powerbomb head pipe, FMF powerforce 4 silencer. I was thinking about drilling the side covers/air box. The jetting is currently 128's in both carbs, and a 45 pilot. The riding I mainly do is between sea level and 4000 ft in souther cal. BTW, I just installed the FMF stuff, replacing the stock head pipe and old supertrapp with 6 discs.

Thanks in advance for your input.

edit: Search yielded no results.



Is there a forum for antiques I should post this in? lol

Just thought I might get some new eyes to read this. I'm looking for things to work on while my suspension is getting worked over.

Thanks, Dan

The antiques forum is for real antiques. The big hair era gets lost somewhere in the middle.

I think your best bet is just to go by trial and error. The main jets are fairly easy to get right but the needles are a bit trickier. I still havent gotten the mid throttle quite right on mine.

Good luck

Did you get the stator replaced yet?

Yeah I went ahead and got one from Ricky Stator. Really cool guys by the way. I haven't started it yet since my bike is balanced on a stand with no forks or rear shock. I think I might topple off if I try to kick it over. So in the mean time, I'm watching my phone, trying to will it to ring with the suspension guy on the other end. Suspension is being done at Suspensions by Jake in Riverside. He came highly recommended by a friend of Don Jones up in High Desert...........waiting patiently.......


I got the pig put together tonight. Seems to run awesome, the stator did the trick. Suspensions feels good, like a new bike, at least running up and down the street. I don't klnow when I'll be able to put to the test though. At 7:00PM it's still like 100 degrees outside. Praying for winter.


Alrighty then!

You may want to bump up the jet in your secondary carb to a 130. You have a 128 in there now right?

Yeah, I have 128's now. I'll see if I can't round up a 130 to try out.

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