please look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is with a 45 pilot, and 165 main, 40 leak, 65 starter, JD red #4.......untill i changed the pilot the plug was black all over."48pilot"...........went to 45,bone white

04 WR450

all the mods


90-100 temp

65-80% avg. humidity

air box open real good,clean filter, GYT-R full exhaust

1.25 turns

pic looks very very lean...........changing nothing but the pilot made it go from black to this...also when i put the "brand new" plug in this morning i started it and let just idel 3-4 minutes killed it pulled the plug, just a little tan. put the same plug back in did not twist throttle over 1/4-1/3. pulled plug, just a little tan, very little...........put plug back in run her "WOT" and all through the throttle range, with a lot of decel popping. pulled plug white just like all the other checks but this time there was a BLACK ring around the bottom couple of threads"shown in pic.

i dont understand why the pic is so large.1st time this has happened...

Are you putting a load on the bike or are you running it in neutral? That will probably make a difference in how your plug turns out too. The popping to me seams like it is lean.

Try 2 turns on the fuel screw with the 45 pilot. Everything else is OK with your jetting. :)

well i wound up with a 168mj,45pilot,40leak..........the bike absolutely rips. The bike has never pulled 4th gear wheelie until today, and i don't mean a wheel hop, i mean coming up till you have to back off of it. also no bog. these settings seem to rich on the main and to lean on the pilot. BUT IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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