acerbis tank on an 05 WR450F

and it will be here friday, $186. priceless....

My lever put a black mark on the tank...not like I care, but the tranny tubing cured it from vibrating around. I tried to do the filter thing, but I couldn't figure out the routing without adding an extra 6" of fuel line. You got pics Dan?...SC

My bike's on its way to Colorado.. I'll post some pics when it gets back. It wasn't easy.... :D

what's it coming here for? I did figure out a nice way to run the lines and it works fine now... It is a very nice tank!

I use an IMS in front (natural) and an Acerbis in the left side panel place. The IMS is narrow as the original but lets some gas in the bottom (maybe 1 liter). The side tank is perfect and helps a lot in the long range.

hey clark, just got my new tank and going to install today.when looking at the great pics on this thread , it looks like the header gets pretty close to tha tank on the right side,comments anyone?? when riding yesterday , my right boot warmed up nicely....heat tape???also , I see an extra vent screw and the instructions that SUCK talk about drilling an 8mm hole , whats up??? indy???

I think the extra vent is only used if you put a quick fill on the tank...

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