Drilling the slide

Howdy. Just a quick job complete note on the "Drilling the Slide" for those searching.

Last night, used the http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xr650lcarbmods/ instructions and they are GREAT! Couldn't find a washer, too lazy to drive to radio shack sooo, took out my box of electrical crap and grabbed a little red ring terminal crimp connector. Cut the round end off, flattened it, works great!

Also, installed the new Big Gun EVO X exhaust/header. Re-jetted as per the above instructions (55/160). Fired the bike RIGHT up and after warm up, it idled perfectly. Follow those instructions to the LETTER and you should not have any problems. My ride is as follows:

04 XR650L, California.

Smog Block off

UNI filter

Air box cut

Tonight I change the sprockets to 14/49 just for fun! Oh yeah, new chain and brakes, too!

Thanks go out to the authors of the above mentioned carb mod article: DAVE AND BRYAN. Very good stuff, great pictures. :)


Me and Brian compiled the info from several sources, all the pics are Brians's.

When he and I posted to 4strokes was the first time all the mods were put 'in one spot' so to speak. The admin over there made it into the great-looking tech article you now see at that link.

I got my info on the mods from the Yahoo XRLUG group, in bits and pieces.

So, thanks for the nice words, and don't forget to thank the admin over there as well!


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