Jets for a 01wr426 vs. 00wr400

Are all the carburetor jets, especially the Main and Pilot jets for a 01wr426 the same as a 00wr400? In other words, can I use the jets from a 00wr400f in my new 01wr426f?

In addition, I was informed that the jets for a 01yz250f are even the same as a 01wr426f and a 00wr400f.

Can anyone verify this?

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The ’00 and ’01 carbs are the same, but the bikes are jetted differently. I believe the 426 has a smaller pilot (42 vs. 45) and a different needle (DRS vs. DRR) but the same main (165). The accelerator pump duration was also changed for ’01 via a different pump diaphragm.

The 250 has a 37 mm carb, but I don’t know if it is a Flat CR like the ’00 and ’01 400/426 or a Slant like the ’98 & ’99. The Flat uses a “normal” Keihin pilot jet (like in PWKs) but the Slant does not.

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The '00WR came with a #42 pilot jet stock, same as the '01.

Thanks, and I did get a little information that I need, but I am specifically trying to find out if the jets themselves are interchangable between the bikes. Not necessarily if the jetting is the same.

I would like to know for example, if I pulled out a 48 main jet from a 00wr400, will if fit in a 01wr426.

Hick answered some of that by saying they are the same carbs and so obviously they should use the same jets. I just want to make sure they are interchangable between the bikes.


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