WR450 Subframe Question

Hey guys,

Will the rear subframe from a 2004 WR450 fit a 2003 WR450? Thanks

I think it will even though the part numbers are slightly different! I just bought a brand new factory replacement sub frame for $325! :D

I wore it out so the tubes are gone and my Devol frame guards also wore thru to nothing. Kinda hard to fix when there is no aluminum left. :)

Part numbers are not the same but I have seen the 04's up close and they look identical :)

2003 PART NUMBER: 5TJ-21190-00-00

2004 PART NUMBER: 5TJ-21190-50-00

Should have gotten on here sooner, I'm selling an 04 subframe for $100 on ebay. Sorry I missed you, thanks for the info though,


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