what pipe should i get

i like the fmf titanium 4 help wat should i get

Jardine RT-4 Titanium...

the stock yz426f pipe is as near to the white bros pipes as damn is to swearing. and i've never been real keen on titanium exhausts so i'm gonna suggest the barrett system but i dont know if you can get barrett pipes in the states. but the guy that makes the pipes develops them on a test bike on a dyno til they are as good as he can get them, most of the pipes he makes are tapered in sections from start to finish

i rechecked the info i had so i was sure and as it turns out the stock pipe is better than the white bros.

It depends what you are looking to change it for:

FMF Q -- Quiet Pipe

Jardine RT-4 -- Power and Loud

FMF Factory4 & DSP Ti -- lightest

Stock pipe is best all rounder on the 426. Even most magazines agree on that, which is a first!!

where did you pick up the jardine pipe at?

if your riding trails at all make sure its QUITE!

pro circuit t4...pipe is tight

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