YZ Exhaust cam in 04 WR

What are the differences in power delivery and sound level?

the power delivery will depend on how far you advance or retard the cam, the noise level is dictated largely by the exhaust though the note may change slightly. the exhaust note but not the volume from my '04 450 changed when i had the hotcams fitted so i'm not entirely sure to be honest

What are the differences in power delivery and sound level?

not sure about sound, but the power is much more snappy. The bike will break the tire loose easier with the YZ cam. The motor just seems to rev easier. I might be able to ride faster with a wr cam, but it sure isnt as much fun. I personally really like the YZ cam and wont ever run a WR cam again.


Why only exhaust cam and not inlet as well?

No need. The stock WR intake cam is the same as the YZ. The exhaust has the same profile but different timing.

being that the wr is a de-tuned yz i would have thought that the intake would also have a different profile or at least be retarded in some way?

Nope...only more advance on the exhaust cam. Correct me if I'm wrong, but retarding the WR exhaust cam one tooth makes it equal to the YZ cam? At least that's the way it is on the YFZ, which also uses the WR exhaust cam.

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