Nevada 1000 day 1 bikes OA

top 7 OA, day 1

1 - Johnny Campbell, Steve Hengenveld - XR650r - Open Pro

2 - Chuck Dempsey, Mike Childress - XR650r - 4-S Pro

3 - Kendall Norman, Robby Bell - XR650r - Open Pro

4 - Shane Esposito, David Person - KX500 - Open Pro

5 - Kellon Walch - KTM - Open Pro

6 - Andy Grider, Christopher Blais - KTM - Open Pro

7 - Matt Gosnell, Clint Braun - KTM525 - 4-S Pro

8-Gil Grieve, Paul Emerson

9- Steve Pitts, Charlie Barney - +40 Pro

10-Nick Dally, Mike Korenwinder - +30 Pro

11-Nick Fain, Josh Wilson - Open Expert(?)

12-Steve Bailor, Brett Stubbe - 4-S Expert

13-Cody Gremel - +35 Expert

14-Curtis Moon, Jamie Graham - +30 Expert

15-Mike "IronDude" Kay, Brian Schmuckle - +40 Pro

16-Wayne Matlock, Chad Prull - Quad

17-Jimmy Stephensen, Greg Stuart - Quad

18-Jerry Herling, David Dunn

19-Scott Perkins, Morgan Pierce - +35 Expert

20-Josh Frederick, Cyle Chislock - Quad

It's still weird for me to see Kellon, Andy & Chris listed on KTM's instead of 650r's, but they still bleed red like the rest of us here :)

Thanks for the update!

Is it just me, or is there a lot of PIG on that list :):)

I've raced against Shane Esposito.. One time, in November 2000, I even pulled the holeshot on him, and the whole rest of the field; dead engine, drop banner. He passed me after about 2 minutes. I passed him back and was leading him for about 5 miles..

Of course it was in some rather deep snow, where I'm oddly very good, and I don't know why. So why should he care if some spode wants to lead the expert class in the snow?? There was more on the line for him. So I got arm pump, he passed me. I laid it down in a slippery canyon downhill and couldn't restart quickly enough. I still managed a top-10 finish though.

I'll tell you all though, Shane Esposito is incredible! I learned how to rail long sweeping berms with my feet on the pegs by watching him do it effortlessly. Whether it be motocross or desert, he does stuff on a bike that Carmichael, McGrath or Bubba wouldn't likely do. ...well maybe Bubba :D

As i understand Childress is riding solo.

It's hot temps so that might be tough on him but the days are short. He's tough, I think he'll be able to hang.

Where is the Husky? :)


Where is the Husky? :)


You mean rider C14? Was he on a Huskey or a Hondabergvarna :D

There was only one other over 40 pro against him, so he's going to get 1st or 2nd in his class one way or another (hopefully 1st) :)

I added some results to the first post here. Still all from Day 1

Here's some from Day 2:

1-Johnny Campbell, Steve Hengeveld

2-Mike Childress

3-Kendal Norman, Robby Bell

4-Shane Esposito, David Pearson

5-Andy Girder, Christopher Blais

6-Nick Fain, Josh Wilson

7-Kellon Walch, Mark Coma

8-Gil Grieve, Paul Emerson

9-Steve Pitts, Charlie Barney

10-Wayne Matlock, Chad Prull

11-Curtis Moon, Jamis Graham

12-Steve Bailor, Brett Stubbe

13-Shane Strunk, Allen White

14-Gregory Price, Mitch Canepa

15-Jerry Herling, David Dunn

16-Jimmy Stephensen, Greg Stuart

17-Robbie Thompson, Mike Blackman

18-Kevin Fisher, Sammy Cantu

19-Kyle Hucklebridge

20-Desi Wolfe, Alan Violette, Ben Urre

I added some results to the first post here. Still all from Day 1

Thanks! :)

Looks like the Husky is going to wait until the last day to make the move. :)

Thanks! :)

Looks like the Husky is going to wait until the last day to make the move. :D

I sure hope IronDude is taking Geritol :D

How much iron does Geritol® contain?

Geritol® Complete contains 16mg. of elemental iron per tablet :D

Where can I get Team Vicodin stickers for my bike :)

Can't find anything online yet about Friday (D2) results but some info from a phone call...

No real shake-ups in the top 7.

Still 1st-Johnny/Steve 2nd-Childress 3rd-Kendal/Robby

Apparently Robby pulled a section as fastest OA on time. To me that's impressive considering this is his 1st time racing this area of NV and all these other guys have raced these sections before many times.

Info from Saturday (D3):

OA order for Sat. only - Johnny/Steve, Shane/David, KTM but I can't recall which one, Robby/Kendal.

- Johnny/Steve have a pretty big lead. Sounds like they just need to take it easy for the last short race to get the win.

- Kendal missed a marker and dropped a little time, that's why the got 4th for the day. Still in 2nd OA.

- Shane/David gaining a little. Now 3rd OA.

- Childress had a clutch problem and dropped some time.

- Not sure of the Childres and KTM OA position.

- IronDude Mike Kay not shown in the top 20.

i posted this on another forum but i am too lame to figure out how to link it so here is a copy...

we ended up 15th overall at the end of day one....

We had some significant hiccups with the suspension settings that cost us 4 positions but we where only down a few minutes and in the hunt by the end of the day. We really felt like days 2-4 would see us in 8th or 9th. The 6 factory teams where in another league, and then there was a group of 5-6 of us who spent time passing each other for the first 300 miles or so...

Brian was the starter on day two and while passing on a fast but dusty section he hit a very large unseen rock at about 70mph.

By the time he got up the bike was 40 yards away. It had cartwheeled awhile, more or less taking out every external part of the machine! All the plastic, seat, wheels, sub-frame, both perches, cables, bars, stabilizer, triple clamp, etc were heavily damaged or just no longer there. With a hole in the clutch, a flat front tire, broken ribs, a partly cut-off finger, a very swollen knee, and a possible herniated disc in his back Brian soldiered on for 40 miles to the pits...aparently he was only seeing stars for the first 10 the concussion wasnt that bad.

Both he and the Husky are freakin tuff dogs!

I worked on the bike for a long time but just kept on finding more bent, broken or missing stuff...all the bikes went by, and the quads, and still the bike needed work. With Brian looking a bit out of it and hours behind...we called it.

The Husky ran incredilby well and we are now very confident with the bike. Its for real. It would be nice to actually finish a race one of these days...

The Nevada 1000 was interesting in a good way. Temps were in the low '90's--it was dusty, some wind would have helped...but a very fun race format. racers from 5 countries showed up, including spaniard Marc Coma the #2 at Dakar rallye. I thought that was cool. The course was VERY VERY VERY fast. On a par with the Baja 1000 to La Paz. With the dust starting positions were important. Impounds for the machines, lots of 'ironman' guys and the faster course gave it a 'rallye' feel.

Wow, sorry to hear about the crash and I hope Brian fully recovers soon, but I'm glad things weren't worse because they could have been with a crash like that at speed. Can't fault the Huskey for those broken parts as a crash like that would have probably sacked any bike, but Honda had better have their game together for a newer big bore off road bike within the next two model years or some of us might begin to slowly migrate to Husky. I liked my Husky 390's and would gladly own another Husky if the company continues on its path of sucess. I hope your bike goes back together without too many unexpected problems.

Its nice to hear about the race results... :)

Sorry to hear about the crash though.........


Great first day! Sorry to hear about the tragedy on the second, hope your buddy is OK. Sounds like you guys were just starting to get into the grove and overtake some positions. :)

Can't fault the Husky for those broken parts as a crash like that would have probably sacked any bike...

Only the CRF600X could have survived such a wreck unscathed. :D

It seems as though some sort of curse has fallen upon the beloved Irondude, ever since Dakar. Maybe he should enter the next race on a QUAD in order to cleanse his spirit. :D J/K

Regroup, Rebuild, Race again. :)

talked to Brian-

His back/neck x-rayed ok and that was the main concern. Other stuff will heal. We are already making jokes about DNFing the Vegas to Reno in October! (i've DNF'ed 6 of the last 8 big races...)

the Husky-

Well now comes the real test of Husqvarna commitment in the USA. Can they get me all those parts!

the BRP and Honda in Nevada 1000-

its heavy and old but man oh man did it look good in the super high speed course in Nevada. That course was made for the 650R...also, it was nice to see Honda pits at the 1000. Honda did a good job of helping out a couple dudes from Israel that flew over and rented bikes and a box van to go for it. Honda also sponsored a company to come out and clean air filters and stuff for free-he also collected motor oil. :)

Nice to see Honda give back to the sport! :)

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