New kid on the block

I just wanted to post an initial hello. I am back into the off road scene after many years away and am the new owner of an '05 WR450. I just bought it last weekend (no modifications YET - but very soon).

I stumbled upon this site by accident and I'm glad I did. This is my first attempt at a post so hats off to the community here. I look forward to participating frequently!


Welcome aboard, this is a good sight.

There is alot of useful info on here. I'm sure you will love the wr also, especially after you dial it in, and do the free mods.

Welcome to TT! This is a great forum with helpfull guys from all over the world. Feel free to post any question you want about your bike. Learn how to use the search engine here...... :)

Welcome Tbone! You can get advice on just about anything relating to your bike but be prepaired to hear lots of ways to spend your $$ too :)

Welcome from over the pond, Enjoy. :)


Welcome TBone. :)

I bought mine two month ago, after selling my '99 YZ400F.

First ride (stock) was very very very disapointed. :D

Learned here in TT all the free mods. :D

Now my WR450F is a total diferent machine with plenty of torque on both sides, bottom and top end. :)

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