Power output

Can anyone give me some real figures about the power output of the 1) "01WR426 which I have, and 2)'05WR450 which I will have soon.

I want to put a different reflector on to allow for some road trial we have here which have night laps.

i am currently running LED in the rear and a 75 in the front but have been told it should run about a 120?

This is in the context of what wattage lighting can be run on the standard stator.

I have Aus spec bike but I think that the stator is a factory thing so we all have the same.


Aussie TT Buddy,

Sold an 02' WR426 with throttle cut, wire cut and unplugged two years ago. It pulled 42 ponies on the dealer dyno. Now the 03' WR450 with the same mods, JD Jetting Kit, PowerFlow filter, YZ cams and porting pulls 46 horses on the same machine. :)

This is of course at 4800 ft. above sea level......at sea level I'll bet the same mod WR450 would pull 50+... :)

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