Dualsport kit problems

For the second time, my bikes Dakar lighting kit has decided to leave me without the proper voltage to run my headlight.

The bike is an 01 wr426 with the Electrex Dakar dualsport kit.

The first time I found that the battery was discharged, and so I charged it. I also turned up my idle speed as recomended in the lighting kit instructions for trouble shooting. The problem was solved for about a week of riding with the headlight only in use part of the time.

Tonight once again, while riding at night I first lost my turn signals (too low of voltage to power the flasher) and then the headlight dimmed to almost nothing. I could rev the bike to almost the rev limiter and the headlight would brighten, but it was not rideable. This is the same series of events as the last time it failed me, but it all happened much quicker this time.

Is this a voltage regulator, battery or stator type of problem? What do

I do to diagnose this?

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