Thumper Talk Graphics for a 426!!! Need a couple people!

Hey guys- The thumpertalk graphics are awesome. :) Check them out here: Thumpertalk Graphics. Currently Thumpertalk does not make the graphics for 426's but said that if I could find 3 other people who would buy them they would have some made. Please respond or pm me if you are interested. Thanks!

Im interested.

I would buy them for sure! :)

Any more takers? I'm really excited about these graphics and it may be a while before someone can round up a number of people to get them! Right now there are 4 people who are either interested or are surely in! These graphics are awesome... and what better way to support Thumpertalk than buy from them and then advertise for them! :)

yea i 3rd it, i wanna buy those!!! i need some tank graphics too.

I will take a set for sure count me in.

If we have an order for 3 sets (or 3 orders for 1 set each will will make them).

It would take us about one week to produce them once we had the orders in.

How much $$ per set?

How much $$ per set?

I think they're going to be the same as the posted price $74.99. No one from TT has explained any differently. My guess is that the profit earned from 3 or more people buying the graphics would offset any kind of setup fee (which is why they ask for 3). I've sent an email to the store and should get a response by Monday. I assume that we will all be able to order them on Monday as well, probably over the phone. Can't wait to get these on my bike! :)

Update on Graphics: Brian is going to add the 426 graphics to the TT store within the next two days! I'll pm everyone who said that they're interested (and those who are surely going to purchase some) as soon as I see them hit the store. I also just want to thank TT and Brian for working on this for us. It's above and beyond! :applause:

I want one!!!

When you guys get them please post some pics of them installed. I might order some in the future.

I have an 02 and would be interested, what type of $$

How much $$ per set?

$75 for tank and shrouds. Isn't that expensive? I haven't done any research yet!

i might be intersted in a set also...might need two sets if they would fit my 99 yz400f?

I am interested in 2000 year 426 graphics for sure. When will we see them posted!

Brian: Will they possibly work on 01-02 250F's? I know certain year 250fs and 450fs share plastics, if they would work on my 01 I would order a set. If not how many people would you need to place orders to run 01-02 YZF graphics? (i know this should be in the 250 forum)

Sorry for the delay in getting these in the store. The reasone it's taking so long is I'm waiting for the company that makes them to confirm what they fit. I am pretty sure they do fit the 01-02 250F's and that's what I'm waiting to be sure of.

Is a complete set? if so, I'm in! Tank, Shroud, etc. :applause:

sIGN mE up! those look SWEET!

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