Thumper Talk Graphics for a 426!!! Need a couple people!

OK, I finally have confirmation on what it will fit. 1998-2002 WR250/400/426.

They have now been added to the store, but once you place an order keep in mind the order will not be processed until we have at least 3 orders for this graphics kit.

not the yz's???? :applause:

Just ordered mine yesterday! As soon as I get them on my bike I'll post pics for you guys! :applause:

Still no YZ's!!!!!!!!!

Yes they will fit the YZ and WR

Are you sure? My brother has a 2000 WR and his tank is larger and graphics are a different shape than my 2000 yzf 426. Thats just what I remember, I could be wrong. Has anyone orderd the 98 to 02 WR graphics for their 98 to 02 YZF 426????

I can do the YZ's as well..I thought you guys wanted WR's which are different than the YZ far we've had only one order for the WR grahpics.

We need 3 orders before we will put them into production.

Thanks Brian. But now the new 06 model has been spotted in my dreams and the fever is starting to kick in. If I can shake the fever I will be purchasing them for sure, they are the best I have seen.

Well I did it. Orderd the 2000 YZF 426 graphics today, Hope they fit! and ship soon, they look awsome.

We have 2 orders for them, we still need at least one more before we can make them.

We still only have 2 orders, which is not enough to produce these graphics.

I'm sorry to the 2 people that ordered them, but I kinda thought there wouldn't be enough people to produce the 426 graphics. I'm sorry but we'll have to cancel the 2 orders already received and scratch the 426 graphics from production.

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