xr650r dual sport vibration?

I'm looking at replacing my '96 DR650 with a 650R that is street legal.

I already have a race bike, so I'd like to use the "R" for Dual Sport rides -- all day play rides and stuff like that. I will need to be able to ride it up to 200 miles a day on the road and highway some interstate too. I know it'll have the power , but I'm concerned with the vibration level on the road. I've ridden a 625sxc/ 640 LC4 and fould it unusable on the road due to vibration.

How is the 650R compared to the KTM or the XR400 for that matter. Is it counterbalanced or will it shake my teeth out?

Thanks for your help


I have mine dualsported. I ride it a number of times per week back and forth to work. It is about a 50 mile ride. The only problem I have is my but hurts after a while. If I shift that helps to relieve the soreness. You can check out what I did at http://photos.yahoo.com/houk27

I think you will be happy with your choice of redness. Happy riding, Tony

You'll be fine my dualsported xr650r has a lot less vibration than my friends lc4. I can attest to that. I believe it is counterbalanced.

I have a XR650R motard and have had no significant comfort problems on rides of 3 to 4 hours. I find that weight shifting in corners and standing up on the pegs occasionally is enough to avoid a sore backside. Vibration is a non-issue - and that's coming from a sportbike convert.

If you're tall, the Guts Racing tall-soft seat foam and cover makes a world of difference on longer rides. Baja Desgns sells the Guts Racing product under their name, so you can get it there if you're ordering other stuff from them. Fasst makes anti-vibe bar inserts, but I've never used them. I do however use the Fasst Flexx bars and love'em.

I'm only doing short stints on my 650r d/s for the time being, so I really don't have a feel for how it will be on the road at highway speeds for 50+ miles. My plan for smoother long distances and more comfy riding was...

Guts Racing tall soft seat foam & cover (GREAT product)

Fasst anti-vibe bar inserts - haven't yet tried them

Wheel weights to balance the fr / rr tires to offset rimlock weights - haven't tried them yet on this bike

Spider Grips - I use multi-layer Spider grips that help dampen vibration (good product)

Mines geared up, tires balanced, cruises 80 mph, it's counterbalanced and pretty smooth, the seat is the only issue I have, after a 100 miles my arse is sore.

Vibration from a 650R?? If the engine were not counter-balanced, it would vibrate worse than a CR500. People have taken the counterbalancers out of some of their big thumpers in the past in an effort to gainn an insignificant amount of HP. The only thing they really get is an engine that falls apart quickly.

For your commute, you may really consider a 650L. The 650R will get worse gas mileage than some SUV's..

I have an XR650R, uncorked and jetted. It gets about 24 miles per gal. Power is incredible, pulls very hard, especially from idle to midrange.

I also have a DR650SE, stock, and it get's between 57-59 miles per gal.

All XR engines are counterbalanced, there is little to no vibration on the 650R.

My DR vibrates about the same amount, it's nothing.

Honestly, the DR is a much better street bike. But it's no comparison to the XR650R off-road, at all. The 650R is a fast, powerful, and very big, dirt bike.

Mileage depands on gearing, my 650R (15/45 gearing) (120/100 rear tire) gets 48 mpg at cruise 75 to 80 mph, not as good a mileage as my XR650L but close and when I twist the throttle at 80 it still has go juice left.

I've used my xr650r for some long rides on the bitumen and have been very happy with it..... except for the seat.... and the gas tank size. I find vibes not a problem at all (I've riden only riden an LC4 once and it seemed much worse) when cruising at 70~80 MPH (I'm used to metric so I'll try and convert). Mine is just a basic uncorked version and I find it plenty lively for highway riding. I have done a few 500 mile days with ass soreness the main problem.

Gas mileage is the big hassle. It's got the std tank (10 lt - 2. something gallons) and I have to refuel every 80 odd miles. A real pain in the ass for someone used to covering big miles. I get about get a very consitent 15 km/lt (about 35 mpg perhaps).

Anyway, vibrations aren't the slightest concern from my point of view :)

The big plusses are plenty of power, especiually off road, and ease of use/reliability :up:

Only vibration I get is from my Trackmaster. Other than that the thing is smooooooth.

I have ridden the KTM 625sxc and it does vibrate way too much. I own a XR650R and it does not vibrate. I also do about 29 to 30 miles per gallon at speed and about 21 to 25 miles per gallon on the trails.

My buddy has got as much as 35 mpg at speed on his bike. I have a stage one cam and he is stock. I think that is the difference in our fuel mileage. :applause:

How is the 650R compared to the KTM.

Thanks for your help

No comparison.

I rode a KTM once and it suct ! !

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