Anyone tried the new....

FMF Powercore IV-Q ??

It is supposed to be much more quiet than the previous powercore iv's, but still have good power gains.

Thanks for your input...


I went to watch the racing at Hawkstone Park a few weeks ago, and many many bikes had the FMF Power Core 4, When I get a can for mine it'll definantly be the power core, it sounds ace!

Beware of FMF's claims. If you remember, the Powercore 4 Squared was supposed to be much quieter than the Powercore 4. That was according to FMF's advertising. Now they are advertising the Powercore 4 Q as being much quieter( than what ) and they are offering an updated end cap for the 4 Squared to quiet it down.

Let the buyer beware.

Olson, You took the words right out of my mouth! Why does FMF continue to revamp their powercore? They must not be happy with it. If you want a quiet bike get the Vortip and put it in when you need to be quiet. I think that the stock WR pipe is nice when its uncorked. See Ya! Dan

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