Jetting Session @ McLean Creek, AB

If anyone is interested, I'll be spending a couple of hours this evening trying different jetting configurations on my 03WR450 at McLean Creek (Alberta). If anyone has a WR450 that would like to join me that would be great. I have never compared my bike against another WR, so it would be great to have another bike for comparison.

I'm running a stock motor with: 04YZ450F exhaust w/ PMB insert, JD Jetting, Zip-Ty FS, TPS disconnected, no backfire screen, open airbox (FFR air box mod).

If I get my jetting set up to my satisfaction quickly, I might for for a short ride and check out the course for this weekends Stampede Hare Scramble.

I'm planning on getting there around 6:30PM and leaving around 9PM.

Drop me a PM or an email if interested:

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