yz250f vs. crf250 resale values

I have been quietly looking at the 06 yz250f since it first reared its beautiful self. The more I look the more I think I might try and sell my 05 yz250f and buy the 06. My curious self hopped over to kbb.com to check out the current value. They have the 05 yz250f listed at a resale value of 4350.00. I kind of thought that was a little on the low side so I decided to check out the value on a crf250. To my surprise it was listed at 4700.00. With all of the reliability issues the honda has had as well as being not quite being up to snuff power wise, how could it be that much more. Is it because of the huge difference that the 06 is from the 05? :)

Around here Honda's always have a higher resale value. Being a Yamaha kind of guy I never have firgured that out. :)

I figured it would have at least been within $100. I was way off.

The Honda is the hot bike these days. The tracks around here are almost all red.

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