input on leaking fork seals 05 450f

i have a month old wr 450f and my right front fork is already leaking. i do have a little nic on the fork.

my question is - should i spend $140 for a professional repair or should i try to repair it myself?

i would like to learn but i dont want to make it worse.

thanks in advance.

No way to know if there is to damage to the fork or seal without examining it. Chances are there is zero damage and they just need cleaned. Remove your fork guard and guide, pull down the dust seal, squirt some contact cleaner up there, wipe it out, take a business card or 35mm file and run it between the fork and oil seal (not the dust seal). Run it around there a few times, give another squirt of contact cleaner. Clean off your dust seal, slide it up into place, put your fork guard and guide back on.

I use to replace a couple sets of fork seals a year till I started doing this. Now I have not replace a fork seal in years (knock on wood) and this only takes a couple of minutes.

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