suspension ?'s

I have an '05 WR 450 and I was wondering what you guys are doing to stiffen up your suspension. I am bottoming pretty good over doubles, but otherwise it is great over everything else. Bigger whoops are sometimes a problem.

Whats your weight ?


Put a 5.6 rear spring and revalve your front forks with racetech gold valves :)

lose 10 lbs!!! :):):D ..try weighin 250lbs, theres something to complain about! :D ..i think its recetech that has a chart for ur weight on there website, check it out.

I had the same problem with my 2005 wr450, i also weigh 190. Sent my suspension in to rg3 they put a 5.6 spring on and revalved forks and shock with good results. I ride baja and desert.

I put .50 springs in the forks and 6.0 spring on the shock for my 110kg ass.

The shock is good but something is wrong with my fork dampening.

When I get time I will send my suspension away to get valved and my girl's

away to get lowered as well. I should have done this to start with.

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