klx110 oil change

I picked up a used 2004 klx110 for my son a few weeks ago. It's time to change the oil, but I don't have the manual. Does anyone know how much oil it requires with and without the filter. I guess the filter is under the skidplate. Is there a gasket you need to replace when you take off the filter cover?

Any other suggestions?

the oil filter is not under the skid plate. it is mounted on the motor. it is round and has 2 bolts. there is a little window below either your brake or shift lever, when you add oil, stop pouring when the window is half full. no gasgets are required to change the filter. be careful when tightning the drain plug bolt, they strip/crack eaisly!

good luck

Thank you, I didn't think anyone was ever going to respond. I'd never used a window before and didn't notice the two lines until you mentioned.

My manual says 1.0 qt (0.9 liter) without filter change, 1.1 qt (1.0 liter) with filter change. :)

Anyone ever use Mobil 1 for oil in their KLX/DRZ110? :)

Marc in Indy

no, i use motul

Anyone ever use Mobil 1 for oil in their KLX/DRZ110? :applause:

Marc in Indy


If your going to use the Mobil 1 that is NOT made for motorcycle applications, make sure you use only the red or yellow cap bottles.

These do not have the friction modifiers and are cheaper then the Mobil 1 oil designed for motorcycles.


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