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Throttle blasts on small doubles - my nemesis

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[sorry, a little long] I has an epiphany a couple weeks ago. I had finally figured out that speed was your friends. Previously I had gotten used to hitting jumps with more speed (as scary as that is the first few times) and low and behold it helped.

Then 2 weeks ago, watching other riders carefully, noticed that their engines reeved higher at various points and it dawned on my they were blasting the throttle briefly right at the lip to geth the front end higher but then letting off some after the launch.

Lo and behold again I hit some of the smaller doubled and some step ups and right before hitting the crest them I cranked the throttle - front end rose and I cleared them. Wow, huge revelation. Very stoked now. Was also working on some minor hills they had on straightaways - blast of gas, nice boost of air.

However, there are 2 sets of doubles I cant seem to succeed on with this method. On both I tend to always have the front end low despite blasting the throttle. The first is two small doubles back to back - beginner doubles: first one is about 3.5 - 4ft tall, rounded peak. Right after you land that one (about 12 ft distance) you go right into the second which is smaller height (2.5 ft) but a very sharp peak. The throttle blast has been working on the first one pretty well: come up on it not real fast, blast the throttle when front tire hits mid hill. Most of the time I get that one. But the second one comes up quickly and I give it a blast a again, but despite the sharp peak I am still tending to land on the front tire (one of those brace yourself to not go over handlebars). Watch others and they just sail right over it level the whole time. Cant quite tell what they are going different.

The second is a bigger boy double out of a turn. This one is taller, about 4.5 ft, average launch face - not rounded, but not peaked. Top of second gear throttle blast still leaves me front heavy - hold on tight and brace for landing.

As I type I am wondering if I need to be in third for these problem ones for me. Much like why throttle blasts in high second work on some, maybe smaller throttle blast in third more ideal for others? I have been practicing this throttle technique in second gear. Works great on a cool triple whammy they have: small but sharp peaked launch at ground level, into an immediate step up, followed by a small double. Does not work on others.

I can do long high triples all day long with great distance. But doubles are my nemesis.

Will try it again tomorrow. Not giving up 🙂 One rider commented "You're going to get the hang of those yet, admire your perseverance."


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