Yo, dudes....

Is middle creek still snowed in?

I have had enough of hollister.

How was the carnegie race?


Middle creek up top will have snow but lower trails are open, this last rain was a warm one so mybe a lot more snow melted.Call the ranger station at upper lake they will give you a report on the trails.Have fun if you go.



Took my girl friend on her first dirtbike ride in ten years at hollister, she rode a friends ktm200.

She says its the most fun she has had in years...

She also says she doesn't want a girls bike, she wants to pass me, ie dice, she wants to go every wknd, and camp...

I figure I'll get her a yz250 and take her to middlecreek!

I never slept with a riding buddy before, this is a unique experience!

She has also roadraced, twice Daytona...

I am looking forward to seeing you at Penny Pines, Monty. Bill


I would also like to facilitate the continued indulgence of middlecreek.

There is a group of bay area trail riders that love to ride here.

I have been in contact with the rangers station and have been trying to set-up a day of trail maintenance.

All of us want to perpetuate the legacy of the middlecreek riding area...

I would love to rally the troups per se and let the rangers know that their are riders who help, besides those who just leave their coors light cans piled up at the camp ground.

Let me know when/if you set this up. If nothing else is going on, I'll make it.

Where is Middle Creek? I'm in Fresno

Hi Pyroted

Middle creek is in upper lake--- thats on highway 20. You would take I-5 north to willams and then highway 20 west 72 miles to upper lake,right trun (north) on middle creek road to middle creek camp ground.Or go to yahoo maps and type in upper lake,ca.

Thanks for your enthusiasm guys...

If you want to be part of a middlecreek work party e-mail me and I will tell you what is doin'.

It is kinda like Ducks Unlimited- the wet-lands are disappearing and we need to assume a more aggresive stance to insure that our riding areas stay free.

When I spoke last with the ranger station they said that their funding is directly porportionate to the volunteer hours.

Middlecreek is like coming home for me.

I love 38, and if you know what I am talking about, you probably do too.

I get sick every time I see the mess guys leave behind in Penny Pines. What are they thinking? This is the most beautiful orv riding area that I have found so far in Nor-cal. if we don't assume a pro-active stance the eco-nazis are going to close this one too.

Thanks for listening...Bill

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