Clutch Change

I just cahnged the sluctch fibers on my brp, added an extra plate right next to the one closest to the cover (is this position ok?) But now I need to pull all the adjustment in both ends of the clutch cable, fo rthe lever to engaje. Is this right or Did I do something wrong?

Pull out everything to the basket and install (OEM)7 steel and 6 fibers, starting with a steel and alternating.

Should I discard the narrow fiber (the one that has the bigger inside diameter) along with the "busshing ring"? And put instead a normal fiber?

Take everything out to the basket, last fiber, judder, etc.

I just got my Tusk clutch kit and am ready to throw it in. I may decide to just throw in an extra steel plate to see how much more life I can get out of the stock plates. So where do I throw it in? XR4Dez, you say 7 steel and 6 fiber. How does that compare to stock?

Stock is 6and 6 with the judder and everything else. The stack that I use is the same as Honda Off-Road's 650.It pulls better than stock and allows you clutch control right at the begining of the pull. Remember to leave a good 1/2 inch of free play in the lever.

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