leaking WR400

Thanks for the pics :applause: so the clear hose fits loosely enough that the pressure goes up and out?

The original hose was cut back, you can see it through the clear hose.

The clear hose goes up to the bottomn of the radiator.

Water would have to be pretty deep.

I'm sure theres room at the top for air to escape, plus there's room at the bottomn for air to escape, oil to drain.

That way I can take the plug out and drain the oil other than on my skid plate.

It's not perfect, but it was a quick, simple fix.

Plus I have not stalled yet going across water since I installed it.

It's been on for around 2 months, no problems.

Cool :applause: I'll see what I can find at church (also known as home depot because I go there every sunday :eek:

On top of that 50cent size spot from the breather tube have you noticed a little bit in the airbox drain after a ride? Not a lot of oil but a little in the tube! Thease are sure differnt from a 2 stroke! But it is fun! :applause:

Never really noticed any in the tube, too mutch oil on the filter?

Could be! But you would think it would get sucked in! I only notice thease things after riding for a while. Still is a lot of fun.

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