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I rode up by montrose today

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I'm not shure where, but it was just a little ways southwest of montrose. As you can all tell, I am a begginer rider, and got myself into trouble. I decided to ride a little ways up this single track, and I hit this hill that was molested with roots, and fallen logs. I tried it, and almost flippover backwards. I pulled it to the side, and dumped it over. My freind that was riding with me, helped me pick up the bike, but made me walk it down (So that I will learn...). At any rate, I had a lot of fun. I think I may have seen a few guys from here (They were on two Yamaha's, and one Suzuki DRZ... they were crossing logs and stuff. I was on the old Honda XL200 with another guy on an XR200)

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