throttle slide plate?

I posted about a month ago about my throttle slide plate being broken. So, I got the parts today finally from and I realized that there are actually two plates in the carb rather than just 1. But, when I go online and look at the fiche it just shows on slide plate. Is it safe to assume they are the same on both sides? This is a 2000 WR400F.

edit: Are there any aftermarket plates available? I'm assuming both of the plates should be sealed off because they look cracked on both sides.

Geez, this is the first report I've seen of the carb slider cracking on 2000 and newer models. Mine has cracked 3 times in the last 2 years and I was thinking a newer model carb might cure this. Now, I'm not so sure.

then get a post '01 or newer carb to be sure its way past '00,

all of our guys here have change to a post '00 carb wifout anymore problem,

my son got a '03 carb & we r very happy,


Anyone know if the slide plate is the same front and back or is there a separate part? I'm in need of one ASAP!

nevermind i'm an idiot. The vaccum valve deal is actually supposed to have a little opening. Sorry for the stupidity! :)

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