Replace OEM Throttle stop IMMEDIATLY!! :-)

I've had my 2003 Wr450 for about 2 yrs and just now replaced the stock throttle stop for the shorter YZ throttle stop and all I can say is HOLLY SIT :) WOW what a difference! For the last two years I've been riding a bike that had decent power and not quite enough top end now it has plenty of top end for almost every occasion. All I have to say is if any of you haven't switched out the stock throttle stop for the YZ one yet do so ASAP you will not regret it and it will be the best 15-20 dollars you've spent in quite some time!



2003 Yamaha Wr450 Tusk D-flex hand guards

In about 2 years you will be ready for the gray wire! :)

What took you so long? Most of us do that before we ride for the first time!! :)

Newbies are so fun. Sometimes it reminds me of when my 3-year-old son discovered his twig and berries for the first time one day in the bathtub. "Hey Dad, I just found my fruit snacks!"...I thought I was going to soil myself laughing...SC

........or you can just grind down the stock WR throttle stop, the dimensions are on

I still have the stock wr throttle stop on, just didnt think the difference would be obvious but its probably just me.

Think of it this way, put a 2x4 under your gas pedal in your truck then drive around.

The stock throttle stop doesnt allow the carb slide to open/fully operate within its normal operating range. With it in you are slower then an xr200.......................

Just wondering but why would they do that? I mean why would yamaha only let the slide open partialaly? That just seems kinda stupid to me....

I heard that Yamaha does it because sound levels are measured at half throttle and obviously half throttle with a stop is less rpm than without. I don't know if that is factual buy it makes sense. It could also do with emission levels.

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