Help. WR or Husqvarna TE 570 ?

Help you guys

At the risk of getting insulted I have a serious question.

Some B****rd stole my 2000Yr WR 400 on Thursday, and I should get the insurance to pay for like for like, however my dealer can no longer get the WR 400 but can get the Husqvarna TE 570 on order. They already have the Husqvarna TE 610 in stock at a give away price, they could possibly get the WR 426F also but at a higer price. So which one would be the best ? Loved the WR 400, but the Husky's seem a good price, your views would be appreciated Thank's Westy. UK. Biker

WR400 OR YZF426

Husky has made a lot of changes to their 4-stroke line in 2001. I'm considering a 2001 400. Go to and take a look.

for tight woods the husky is the better bike. It carries it's weight lower and is a lot easier to throw around in the woods..

the 400 or 426 is a better open bike or moto x bike, which is what it was made for..

I ride with a couple of buddies that have '99 Te 610's. They actually fit the rider very well and their power is outrages! The bikes are used for TT racing and all around trail riding. They've been everywhere from Mesa Marin, to desert, to tight log/rock infested mountain riding ( handled all easily w/stock gearing). I think they're misrepresented in alot of ways. They weigh about as much as a WR, but bone stock will do 110 give or take, and yet still be very comfortable in tight terrain. The down side is parts availablity (Cagiva -think Ducati). That's the main reason I bought a YZ ( although I've ordered a Nox But if you don't have breakdowns you won't have a big need for replacement parts + the valves are screw adjust. Good luck!

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