TMD Chain Guide Installation

I'm replacing my stock chain guide since a nice chunk of granite turned it into little more than an aluminum taco, so I've got a TM Designworks replacement en route. With regard to installation, do I have to break the chain to attach it, or is it split down the center?

BTW, if you ever get the feeling that the rear tire is misaligned and seems to want to come around on you, check your chain guide for interference if your axle blocks are trued. I didn't even know it happened, but the impingement on the chain from the guide made the bike feel totally squirrely. I thought I had a problem with my Scotts damper or my forks. Quite bizarre :) ...SC

The stock block is split down the center.

I know about the stock block, I've already removed it. What I'm asking about is the TM chain guide and whether or not it is split ...SC

Sorry ,

This is the block in question


I have no idea but I would think it would be built so you don't have to remove the chain to install.

I bought the moose unit


The whole unit cost the same as the stock block but replacement block were only 13 bucks

plus you can turn them upside down

Steve-o, What you need to do is remove the aluminum inserts that hold the thing together, when you do it splits them in half. Once they're in two pieces "sandwich" the chain with the two pieces, then re-install the aluminum inserts and slide the whole unit into place on the mounting tabs on the swingarm. hope this helps...

Groovy, thanks Dan :applause: ...SC

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