650R Rocker arm shaft moving


I recently purchased a 'used' 03 XR650R, and took it on it's maiden voyage today. I did the uncorking (it runs awesome) and while adjusting the idle after a 10 mile run, I noticed the rear rocker arm shaft moving or rotating, and it would increase movement with throttle input.

As far as I know, this is not right. I would like to find out what might be causing the shaft to pivot, and what or how to repair it. When I purchased the bike, it had 17 miles on it, the gentleman who had it before me felt the 650 was to big, so he traded down to a 400.

The dealership who sold it to me stated the bike had a couple of months warranty left, so I would like to know if in fact the warranty is 'transferable' or am I stuck with a repair bill already.

Thanks for any help or information, it will be appreciated.


Best thing to do at this point is to go back to the dealer and talk to them and see if there willing to help and go from there.......

If not get yourself a service manual and get busy, Its nice to have a service manual anyway......... :)

I have the service manual, but I am really going to be extremely pissed if I have to tear down a 'new' motorcycle.

Any idea why the rocker arm is moving?



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