sorryguys, oil filter shiznit

k guys,

i know htis has been answered but i cant find the solution. i tore apart the oil system part way and found out i got a steel oil filter. Man was it a pain to get the oil screen out. not doin that again. i only found one little booger in it anyways. But with the filter i first cleaned it with some water, then some WD40 and then some brake cleaner and then let dry. but i couldnt get some of the metal shavings out. and i dont have a compressor. so the ? is is that the stuff i am using is it good for it or will it harm the filter or system. And how can i get the filter totally clean without compressed air. Really i am a newbie and am totally new to this stuff and all your help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!

if the particles are steel try using a magent. You may be able to magnetise a small screwdrive tip and use that

like Hamish, i'm in Australia, and compared to the $12-13,000 cost of a wr a $17 paper element(finer element - cleaner oil) is bugger all. turf the old one and get a new one. unless you a referring to the stainer assy in front of the gear selector spline that goes into the bottom of the cases which rarely needs looking at if the filter is doing its job

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