Kill it

Not sure whats going on, but in the spring i painted my frame black and i might've hit some of the wiring for the kill switch i dont know.. but the kill switch no longer works. Not a big problem but its kind of nice to have.. Anyone know what i should do? :)

Get an Ohmmeter (Mult-meter), and check to make sure that the switch is working. My guess is that maybe you got paint overspray underneath the switch, and when you push it down, the excess paint is preventing electrical contact. just a guess, the meter will tell you if the switch is bad.

Also, you may have killed the ground contact at the coil mount. Rub some of the paint off here and try that.

I didn't paint up by the bars but i dont think its that..

Why would you paint the frame w/out everything taken off of it??? :)

Why would you paint the frame w/out everything taken off of it??? :applause:

Because it was much easier and less time consuming.. i took off the rads and seat, tank, and all that stuff then just taped everything off.

Just a note, but check the Bullet connector that connects the kill switch in to the wiring. I believe they are bullet connectors, i.e. corrosion, unpluged, ect, also check for any fraying of the wires or a possible break in the wire, but that can be veified with you multimeter...

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