carburetor leaking gas

I have a 1998 yz400 and the carb just started leaking gas. I thought it was the bowl drain but it seems to be coming from up higher. anybody know what it might be?

Only time I ran into that was when my floats stuck, (old gas) but you should be able to trace the tube back if its coming from a leak tube. First thing i would do just to rule out a bunch of possibilites is take the carb off using the twist off method, (only takes bout 15 min) take the bowl off and do a good healthy cleaning of the carb, take all the jets out spray em off with cleaner, make sure the floats are free, put her together and check for your leak. :)

I took the carb off I think the o ring is bad between float bowl and carb.gas was not coming from overflow hose it was running down the outside of hose looks like its comming from where carb meets float bowl

Carb rebuild time :)

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