AIS Smog Removal Kit

i just bought the AIS smog removal kit for my WR and in the directions it says to apply a high temp RTV sealant to the plugs installed on the head. what is RTV sealant - and does WalMart have it?

RTV is silicon sealant, like the GE silicon in a tube that you use to seal around your shower stall, bathtub fixtures, etc..

Ok, let's try this again. It is high temperature silicon based sealant that you can buy at the auto parts store.

right on!!!

thanks for the info.


what is RTV sealant - and does WalMart have it?

"RTV" stands for "Room Temperature Vulcanizing." As stated, it's a silicone adhesive sealant. You can purchase it at my local Wal-Mart in the auto department under the brand "Permatex." It comes in multiple flavors, including a red tube for high temperature applications. :)



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