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250R Gearing suggestions?

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Well gang, after about a week of adapting to the 250R, I've come to the conclusion that the stock gearing is set up for Supercross. 🙂 The bike has more bottom end than I typically use. Even my trail riding is a bit more open and spread out than "trials" type of trail riding. I find myself riding in 4th and 5th, with 2 and 3 nearly useless, other than starting out. Even coming out of turns the bike likes thumping out of the higher gears. The good news is less shifting.

The track I ride most isn't a tight track. It is more of a sweeping track with some long staights. I'm going to try the stock gearing on the track before I make a change and see how it goes.

Any suggestions for a bit more thug or puuuuullll from the top end of the gears?

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