who makes the most Agressive DOT tire?

need a DOT tire just so i can get the the track/trail, i want the most agressive tire as i do not plan to run on the road often.

Theres actualy a bunch I've found, ranging from way pricey to downright cheap. I surfed "denniskirk.com" they have like 58 pages of tires. Ive ridden none of them, favoring my 739 four stroke tire, but all have pics to show the knobs.Among the most expensive are the Metzler MCE Karoo, but it looks just like a regular knobbie. The Dunlop 606 looks nice, little cheaper, Bridgestone E668 and ED04 are a good bet. Pirelli makes a MT21. and Dirt Rider recommends it, feels like a knobbie, rated to 106MPH. Maxxis has the C6006, Kenda has one, the K760. Cheng Shin also makes one, the C858. Overall I'd say the Pirelli or the Kenda look the most aggressive. The bridgestone E668 and the dunlop 606 look really nice as well and maybe a few bucks cheaper.

For visual comparasion go here, it's a site search narrowed to just rear wheels in the "Dual Sport" catagory:


Hope this helps. Ill prolly put a 606 on my bike when my 739 is done.


I have a street legal DRZ400 and I run Tera Flex MC105 on the rear and a Kenda K760 on the front. The Tera Flex is the most aggressive DOT legal tire I've found and it hooks up great. They have them at https://www.mandhtires.com/

The Tera Flex and the Kenda Track Master II (K760) are the two most aggressive dot you can find.

Dirt Rider magazine gave the Pirelli Scorpion Pro the most aggressive DOT tire award last year... used to be called the MT83. all the front Pirelli tires are DOT rated so any of them work but the rear scorpion Pro and the MT18 heavy duty are DOT rated. not great on the street but great off road.

Scorpion Pro

Just got a Tera Flex for mine all I need know is a my rim and a few bad words later to get that bad boy on the rim. I held it up to my worn out stock tire the other day and man it's huge I hope it fits :applause:

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