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XR200 with an XR250 front end?

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i know this isn't the XR200 forum, but i thought some of you might know or just have the wearwithall to forsee problems with this setup. i found in the TT Classifieds an old XR 200 with an XR250 front fork and disc brake. any problems with this?

my GF is learning on an XR250, which is great for grunt, forgiveness, etc. in fact i think it's a wonderful first bike however, she's too short for it. i've pushed the forks up and given it a bunch more sag, but she still can't touch both feet. if she stops on a hard spot she either has to balance the bike on foot and muscle it, or she flops over. she saw and sat on an XR200 and in talking to people who know people, she wants one of these, badly. (she first saw the CRF 230, but my fellow riders who ride red were staunchly opposed to this bike.) SO... let me know what you think, if you can. any comments on the CRF 230 would be appreciated as well-- if we can't find an XR200 we will buy one of these.

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