Bent forks?

My question concerns my dad's DRZ 250--but I thought I would ask it in this forum due to the tremendous brain power of TT's WR owners. On a recent hard fall, my dad's bike's forks seemed to get tweaked. The bars were not correctly aligned with the wheel. It was easily corrected by steadying the tire and cranking on the bars until it all lined up again. Is this common on these light duty trail bikes? I have never experienced this with my WR. Is this the fork tubes bending? Triple clamp bending? Would a fork brace help this? Thanks


05 wr 450 all the free mods

03 Drz 250

It's common on all bikes in a hard fall. The forks are actually spinning a little inside the triple clamps. You did the trail fix, I usually stand in front of my bike and kick the side of the wheel. When you get home loosen the clamp bolts, align everything and retorq to specs.

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