What is wrong?

On the rigth side of my WR´99, veryu near of the water pump. I hear a tic tic tic sound!!!. It start to be strongest every time.


Step away from the bike and call the Bomb Squad :)

Step away from the bike and call the Bomb Squad :) I got excited and held my finger on the trigger to long :D

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Elian: Sorry...that's not enough information to go on. you must be more specific and detailed. For example: Is this sound only heard when idling....in neutral...in gear...in high gear...clutch engaged..disengaged...etc? The more info, the better luck you will have with advice.

I'ts not just your exhaust expanding/contracting from heatis it? as this will make a "tic" "tic" noise or is it much louder?




YZ timing,EKN needle, VORTEX dualcurve ignition

SF triple platinum s/plug

open box -unifilter

98oct fuel

Staintune s/s open exhaust& header......

Somebody stop me !!!

If it's a steady ticking noise that follows the RMP's, I'd suspect one of your valves has too much lash. This would be unusual since valves of this cylinder head design usually tighten over time as they drive deeper into the seats. Checking the valve lash is a pretty simple procedure and at least you could either eliminate this as your source of noise...or confirm it. It's a starting point before tearing into the internals.

When the engine is hot, and I can heard it all time, however when is reving at low rpm is most easy to heard it.

Thank for your help!.


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