WR450 dying

Went for a ride today and when I got on the gas hard the motor would die on de-acceleration, I found two of the plastic tubes were blocked with mud that run down from the carbie, I cleaned them out and it only died once from then on, do you think they were the problem or should I look for something else :applause:

Sounds to me like your main jet is clogged, possibly your pilot too. My bike runs like brand new every time I take the carburetor out and fully clean it, I mean everything.. Get some carb cleaner and some compressed air and go to town... Since your bike bogs only when you punch it that tells me that it's a fuel problem, it's getting fuel but just not enough of it. Fuel line or the carb... Make sure they're both clean..

do you run a fuel filter? not the sintered bronze ones that only stop large rocks and small children but a k&n type paper element one?

oh and listen to Mr. Lorenze

No I don't, but will as from tomorrow, cleaning the carby tomorrow as well.

Well, I drained the carby and added a in-line fuel filter and took it for a quick ride ,it's running great.

I didn't pull the thing apart just drain the carby, time will tell.

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