yzf 400 starting and pipe question.

ok now i am new to the 4 stroke dream.just converted from my loving two strokes.just picked up a 1999 yzf400 that i think is in very nice condition.new wheels graphics,and the list goes on and on.my first question is i have a hard time sarting this thing.guy told me to twist throttle 4-5 times then wait till it gets to hard spot then kick.well my leg is about to fall off.i hate haveing to push it off.help please. my next question is the only thing stock by eye is the factory exhaust.and am wondering if or what pie to get for it.i am strictly going to race and don't nessicarly want the most expensive thing out there.just a good pipe and or would just a silencer do.and what about jetting. all help would be grateful.i really like my new bike just want it to suit me better thanks for the help guys.

4-5 throttle twists is excessive. 1-2 MAYBE, if it hasn't been started in a while. I'm betting that your sparkplug is fouled with soot and now its drenched in fuel. Its not gonna start, save your leg. You need to replace the sparkplug first. NGK CR8E.

starting procedure works like this:

slowly kick over bike till it gets to the hard spot (TDC)

pull in the compression release

kick down another 1-2 inches past TDC

release the compression release

return kick start lever to top

kick though with full kick.

DO NOT keep twisting the throttle.

Trust me on this, you can kick on a fouled plug all day and get nothing. Change plug and if everything else is in working order, including proper jetting, it will start.

thanks for the info it did help and the new plug made a difference. still looking for an aftermarket pipe if anyone has one for sale

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