xr 600 in oz popping

hi guys just a quick question. I have the opportunity to get a low km's xr 600 in good nick.hHad a run on it and it goes hard(fron end comes up easy of throttle).My question is taking the end cap of and having a fully opened stock exhaust will it lead to popping on deceleration regardless of the jetting setup.The owner tells me he has gone one size up on the pilot,main jet a few and needle is second from the top.There is also no leak in the exhaust as i checked this myself.Also the carb seems to be seated correctly.The bike pulls well mid range to top. Thanks for the advise.

If its stock this is the best jetting to run. This is what is in my bike and it runs primo!

-#155 main jet (one size larger than stock)

-#62 pilot jet (stock)

-needle third (middle) clip position

-airscrew 2.5 turns out

*remember, bigger jets wont make the bike go faster, when the engine get the optimum fuel/air mix, it has the most power. Hope this helps, cheers.


I forgot to mention the correct float level is 14.5mm, this is the stock setting and works fine.

Thanx for that ..i will hit him up for the exact settings he has.What about the popping on decel.The only reason i ask is that i dont wont to get the bike if i am going to have to spend ages working out the carb settings.I would rather go with stock...cheers

Check for vacum leaks, Air filter clean and not over oiled, whats the color of the spark plug......... :applause:

Popping on decel typically means there is a lean condition on the pilot circuit. This may be attributed to an air leak. Check out the intake boot for the carb engine and airbox sides.

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