Big Hip Hematoma from Crash question....

As I recall there were a 'couple of you guys that had gotten one of these big watermellon hematomas on your hip after a crash. My Question:

It's been several months since I had mine....the hip feels normal most of the time (except if i smack into something)...but it still is noticably swollen. Did your body go back to normal eventually, or did you get some kind of permanent scar tissue or something? I'm trying to figure out if I want to go pay the Dr. $100 bucks to tell me "it'll be fine."

Hey Jim, take a look at the new HRP riding shorts. They have a huge plastic piece on the side to protect your hip. They might help protect your hip as it continues to heal and you start riding.

yah, i've seen those...actually tried to order once, but their cart is/was broke.

About 6 years ago, I crashed really hard on a brand-new `97 CR250. I broke the footpeg, footpeg mount, (big expensive)radiator, pipe and fender. I had an enormous hematoma on my left thigh/hip. It took a long time for the color and pain to go away completely. In fact, I could see the outline of the initial discoloration for about 2 years. I still have a good-sized lump on my lower hip. It looks like a "saddlebag." My doctor told me she could remove it, but I figured that was a stupid reason to have surgery.

Now, if she could use it as "filler" for the dent in my other leg (CR80, same jump, 7 years prior to the 250 crash) then I would consider it!

Good luck and I hope you heal quickly.


An organized hematoma can last well over a year.Rhe thing you need watch for is celulitis which consist of redness or heat in the hematoma. Dont sweat it unless these symptoms occur.Oh yeah, take 2 aspirin ad call me in the morning. That'll be 100 bucks please.

Had a huge one a while back, my whole thigh swelled up really big, then started to clot. The doc took one look at it and took me in, opened it up down the thigh about 6 inches, scraped out the blood. Haematomas can be nasty things, I'd get it checked out..

ps aspirin is a great idea as it thins the blood and reduces the chances of it clotting, but just think a little about what's going on. If you have a large pool of blood gradually clotting inside you, if one small bit of that clot gets round to your heart...

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got one about 2 months ago, by the time all was said and done it was purple and black from my hip down to my ankle. its all back to the normal color now, but its still sore.... that was the one time i left the MSR riding shorts at home, wont make that mistake again..... only problem now is it takes longer to heal, the older you get....

got one about 2 months ago, by the time all was said and done it was purple and black from my hip down to my ankle. its all back to the normal color now, but its still sore.... that was the one time i left the MSR riding shorts at home, wont make that mistake again..... only problem now is it takes longer to heal, the older you get....

I crashed hard a year ago and got a hematoma on my right hip. Funny thing was that I just had a bruse for about a week after the crash, then I slept on my right side one night and my hip looked like a third butt cheek - super painful also. Went to my ortho doc to have him check it out (broke my wrist in the same crash), he sent me to a plastic surgeon. Evidently, plastic surgeons deal with hematomas often, they frequently develop after liposuction. Anyway, he had me wear 2 pairs of compression shorts (Sports Authority) and wrap my hip with a large ace bandage for 1 month and keep ice on it regularly. That was a lot of fun, especially when I had to use the john! I went back to the plastic surgeon after a month and told him I was ready for some other plan. That's when he got the liposuction wand out, slit my hip and jammed the tube around inside my hip for about 10 minutes. Nasty, nasty stuff came out but the swelling went to about 1/4 the size it was before the reaming. No pain killer for all this fun either, just about passed out - didn't even give me a bullet to bite on! Anyway, it's a year later and I still have somewhat of a mound on my hip but it's only about 1/10 the size it was. Funny thing was, I definitely wasn't the average patient at the plastic surgeons office - cast on my wrist, limping and walking with a cane. Most of his patients in the waiting room looked like they were in a lot (and I mean A LOT!) better shape than I was!!! Let's put it this way, I definitely didn't mind waiting to see the doctor...

Get it checked out...

I injured my hip in 1996 crashing in a desert race and to this day it still is a pretty good size lump on my hip. I didn't realize it was so common until now... my sister is a doc and she said I should have gone to the doctor immediately as it could have broke loose and gone straight to my heart, so if its new get it checked out. I consider myself lucky that I didn't have any problems with it, besides the knot still there after six years. Go get it checked, it would be worth the $100 for the peace of mind. :)

I had a nice one of those on my hip for almost two years. I went to my doctor immediately after I got it and he wouldn't do anything. He told me not to worry about it. Easy for him to say, his pants would still fit! I have a new doctor now. A few months ago I crashed and fell directly on it. Now it's much smaller! ??? So based on that, my recommendation would be to .....uhhh....well...never mind...

Last Sept I had a major endo and landed on a big rock. I had a bruise from my hip to about 3 inches above my knee. The bruising went away in about a month but the lump was still there. Sure enough, in Dec of the same year I crashed into a tree and hit the exact same spot! Bigger welt and bruise this time! Well, its now Aug, the bruise and has gone away but the one side of my hip is noticeably swollen still compared to the other. My wife is an RN for a cosmetic surgeon and she doesnt think the welt will ever go away! I still to this day have minimal feeling on the lump and it hurts like a bi--ch when I was out in the cold riding my snowmobile all last winter.

Jim- your blood over time will be sucked back into your body! I was put into a cast for a hemo on my knee the size of a grape fruit, they used a 16d size needle to try a drain as much blood as possibly,but it had already clotted into redish-brown pudding!

They have (gave me) medication that will help disolve the blood and make your body absorb it. If it's really big, i would go and get it drained,if it's all ready clotted ask about the meds.

***Also,i broke my pelvis(early 90's)- Go to a sporting good store that sell's football equipment,

and pick up a football girdle!it holds hip and thigh pads,you can get different hip pads that have a hard shell of plastic over the pads,you can take a sledge hammer and not feel a thing! The best thing is that they are cheap! kinda like the V-stop shorts!

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