Plate advice

Does anyone have a suggestion for best way to attach a (Mass. ATV) plate to an '05 wr450? Is there a particular bracket that works well? Or is it better to mount it vertically on the fender with zip ties? Did you drill holes in the plastic?

Thanks in advance

I had the same question and mounted mine with some metal strapping to the single bolt that goes up to the taillight. I saw the picture of Dan Lorenze's mount on the post about the Acerbis tank and it looked exactly like that. I even put a small light in just behind it for a license plate light. Unfortunately the rear tire grabbed it on two different occasions and ripped it off. I was using fairly light weight strapping so maybe Dan is using a firmer mount. (What do you use Dan?) If it angles back, like on his bike, it should not catch the tire. However I drilled a couple of holes in the fender and mounted it on top, behind the taillight. The angle is bad, obviously, but I figured I would wait for a policeman to tell me that....and I figure one will at some point.

I have the Scotts one but would probably get this one if I had to do it all over again. The Scotts one allows the plate to flex around too much. I have already lost one plate due to this. I wound up making a metal backing plate to keep this from happening again.

Thanks everyone - I'm looking into that tnr designs one before I buy. Looks pretty good! Might also get the scotss and just reinforce it.

Thanks again!

Right from the TT store is a rubber piece that's the size of mostr liscence plates. You put four flathead bolts through the tubber and into the rear fender. You then mount the plate to the rubber. I use the type of nuts that are self locking witha plastic insert in them. It makes for a clean and pro looking mount and costs about 5-7 bucks. prairiedawg :applause:

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