Choke question ?

Hello all.

Anyone know what might cause a choke lever to not stay out when pulled. It doesn't click when pulled out.

Also the bike starts very easy with out the choke, is this a case of it running too rich? Its on a farly well used 2001 426. The bike starts and runs great.

Any info is much appreciated.

There is an indexing spring built into the choke plunger assembly that has become gummed up, or has broken, or the groove it locks into worn too smooth to hold it out anymore.

I would guess that a bike that never requires the choke for a cold start would be too rich, but how does it start when hot? If it's much too rich, I would think it would be pretty hard to get lit when warmed up, even with the hot start.

My experience is that a (too) rich pilot does not cause hot starting troubles, you should be able to cold start it without choke in warm weather, just a couple blips and a solid kick.

Hot start problems are mainly caused by unintentional throttle blip, bad plug, weak kick or too low idle. Best way to start a hot bike is to use an iridium plug, always hot start pulled and idle screw turned in additonal 1/4-1/2 turns and a solid kick thru. JMO.

Thanks for the info guys... Yeah the bike is a breeze to start even when hot.

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