Justo for info., on my WR450 with FMF powercore 4 with silent insert, I got 62 miles to the gallon. (125 miles on 1.96 gallons) This was on 50% easy road/trail going around 7000 to 9000 feet. There were some hard climbs but mostly not very challenging. The jetting is stock but I turned my fuel screw to one turn to lean it at that altitude. I checked the specs and the 2.2 gallon tank has only .3 gallon reserve. So under the best of conditions, you have probably 18 miles left on reserve.

Wow that is amazing mileage! :applause::eek::)

You must ve had quite constant throttle openings at medium rpms to avoid acc pump squirting

I consume about 4,6l /100 km normal riding and 7l/100 km in racing conditions (51 and 33,6 mpg) on a 400

I was alone so I took it easy. This was an exploration not a race. It would not be challenging for the hard core people who like boulders, etc. I did not go fast in the narrower treed trails. I drive speed according to what I can see and do not want to come around a blind corner and hit a quad. On the roads leading to the area, I was probably 1/2 throttle in 5th gear. The 450 is better than the 250 for me because my style is to keep the rpm's low using a higher gear and the extra power is good for the altitude. The mileage seemed high but this is the first time that I actually measured it.

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